Celebrating Blog Day With Simply Seductive
Celebrating Blog Day With Simply Seductive

Celebrating Blog Day With Simply Seductive~

All of us girls here at the Bella Life love Simply Seductive. The Simply Seductive blog has been a favorite of ours for over a year (it was one of the first blogs on our Fashion Favorites List). Simply Seductive is not a blog filled with 700+ word posts or loud and obnoxious dialogue, (umm that sounds strangely like our own blog… ha) it simply captures your attention and lets you escape. You’ll get lost looking at the inspirations highlighted on Simply Seductive before you know it… and then you will realize you’ve been browsing for 45 minutes and you need to switch the laundry and your dog wants to go out and you’re really really thirsty…. true story. Simply Seductive writes, “I love Champagne, chocolate truffles, traveling, movies, playing tennis, martinis, treasure hunting, high tea and daydream of being a glamorous nomad living in a custom decorated Airstream.” uhhh look no further people! This is a woman/blog for the MASSES! 1.) who doesn’t love traveling? 2.) treasure hunting should be a requirement! 3.) she wants a custom decorated Airstream!? Anyways, over at Simply Seductive you will not only find amazing images and worth-while reads BUT she has a *For Your Perusal* list that makes browsing extra fantastic! Here are the catagories. *Noteworthy Covers *In the Spotlight *Interiors *Destinations *Inspirational Quotes *Shoe Love *Colour Inspirations *A Moment in Time *Fashion Editorials *Details *Lovely and Unrelated Today we will be highlighting tree posts from Simply Seductive; Inspiration:{Designer’s Atelier + A Wedding Boudoir} , Inspiration: {Chanel ~ Couture Fall 2010}, and Canadiana Explosion.     {Designer’s Atelier + A Wedding Boudoir} ( I stumbled upon these photographs of Maria Lucia Hohan‘s atelier to discovered the photographs were taken by the Cherry Blossom Girl, which when I visited her blog realized she was recently married in a dress made by Maria Lucia Hohan, yet designed by the Cherry Blossom Girl herself.)
I just had to repost this because it’s heaven. I want to drape myself in all of those dresses/garments. ~ Keighley side commentary   {Chanel~ Couture Fall 2010} I adore couture, especially Chanel couture Canadiana Explosion Canadian Photographer (Chris Nicholls), a Canadian model (Heather Marks) shot for a Canadian Flare magazine… talk about national talent! I soooo love these images. Ms Marks looks so different, her make-up and the styling is fantastic. Check out that coat, with raccoon fur trim, matched with a silk/ostrich-feathered dress and the boots… Source, Chris Nicholls Photography. Ohhhhh Canadaaaaaa! These images are simply SEDUCTIVE. (I want that giant plaid skirt so bad I could to scream. I would wear it to all of my classes on the days lecture revolved around the Scots! ~keighley side commentary

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